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Major New Releases for ETS and AAR/SBL

Helen Brown

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We are very excited to announce the release of three important CD-ROMs:


Die Mac Studienbibel CD-ROM

Stuttgart Original Language Collection....$139:


Includes the full NA27 and BHS apparatus, and the texts with the apparatus markers, LXX-R untagged, VULG, BDB, LEH2, UBS, Greek/English/German, and Hebrew/German Lexicons. Includes a German version of Accordance. Unlockable modules: GNT-T, BHS-W4, LXX


This is a prerelease of this CD-ROM. We expect the final version from the German Bible Society early next year, and will ship a copy to all purchasers of the prerelease, at no additional charge.

Eerdmans Reference CD-ROM

CD-ROM is $10 with purchase of Accordance 6. Free with full Pillar unlock.

Unlockable modules:

  • Pillar New Testament Commentary
    ....$249 complete set of 8 volumes:

    Designed both for serious students and for general readers of the Bible, the PNTC series seeks to clarify the meaning of the text.

  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible....$45

  • NIGTC Commentary to come next Spring

Individual Pillar Modules:

  • Matthew
    (Leon Morris)....$45

  • Mark
    (James R. Edwards)....$40

  • John
    (D. A. Carson)....$40

  • Romans
    (Leon Morris)....$40

  • Ephesians
    (Peter O'Brien)....$40

  • Thessalonians
    (Gene L. Green)....$40

  • James
    (Douglas J. Moo)....$30

  • Letters of John
    (Colin Kruse)....$30

10% Discount on 3 or more PNTC unlocks at once (use coupon 3Pillar when ordering).

If you unlock all the modules over time, we will supply the code for the combined module.

Scholar’s Collection 6.9 CD-ROM

CD-ROM is $10 with purchase of Accordance 6.

This new release upgrades most modules, and offer major new tagged Greek texts of broad interest to scholars.


New Modules available for unlocking:

  • Codex Bezae

    The Greek column of the Codex Bezae (Gospels and most of Acts), morphologically tagged, and displayed in Sylvanus Uncial font.

  • Apocryphal Gospels

    The Greek Apocryphal Gospels, including Latin sections and an English translation, with morphological tagging of the Greek text. Includes the Gospel of Thomas and numerous other works.

  • Pseudepigrapha
    (New English) (PSEUD-E)....$50

    A new translation from the Greek by Dr. Craig Evans. This module is synchronized and displays in parallel with PSEUD-T.

  • Josephus Tagged Greek
    (JOSEPH-T)....$80, upgrade from JOSEPH-G....$40

    Includes the full text of Antiquites, Jewish War, Life, and Apion in Greek. Fully parsed and lemmatized by Aletti and Gieniusz.

  • Philo Tagged Greek

    All the extant Greek texts of Philo prepared, lemmatized, and initially tagged grammatically by The Norwegian Philo Concordance Project, extensively revised for Accordance.

  • Philo
    English (PHILO-E)....$50, upgrade from Philo General Tool....$10

    Complete works translated by C.D. Yonge, now a text in parallel with PHILO-T with footnotes.

  • Introducing Biblical Hebrew
    (Ross Hebrew)....$40

    Grammar by Allen P. Ross, for first year studies.

Major Module Upgrades (no charge to current users):

  • Greek New Testament NA27 (tagged) (GNT-T)....$50

    Improved tagging, paragraphs, styling, and cross references

  • BHS with Westminster Hebrew Morphology 4.4 (BHS-W4)

    Much improved tagging....$60 (upgrade from HMT-T....$25)

  • Greek Pseudepigrapha (tagged) (PSEUD-T)....$100

    Now includes 51 books and Psalms of Solomon

  • Targums (TARG-T, TARG2-T, TARG3-T) (tagged)....$100

    Now includes Onkelos, Neofiti, Pseudo-Jonathan, Jonathan, and several targums to the writings.

  • Targums English translation (TARG-E, TARG2-E & Notes)....$50

    A new translation which currently includes Onkelos and Neofiti, with future upgrades planned.

  • Qumran Index....$40

    Now expanded and forms a Reference tool that scrolls together with Qumran texts.

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