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User Notes from Emulator to OS X Tiger

Robb B

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When I first started using Accordance I was using it on the PC emulator. I have some user notes saved on my emulator that I would like to have on my Mac. When I tried to copy the user notes files to Windows and then copy them over to the Mac via my home network, Accordance was unable to recognize it as a notes file. Is there a way to copy user notes from the Emulator to OS X Tiger so that I can use them on my Mac?



Robb Brunansky

Pastor-teacher, Community Bible Church


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I think that is going to be very difficult! I do not think that from the emulator you can transfer the file directly to any Mac compatible media, and of course Windoze will corrupt the file.


If you can get a copy of DropStuff for Mac OS 7 into the emulator, you can use that to compress the file to a .sit which can then be transferred to your Mac and unstuffed there. DropStuff was not free, unlike Stuffit Expander, but maybe someone can supply it to you.

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Okay... I got it to work. Here's how I did it:


1. Download Zipit from this URL: http://www.maczipit.com/download.html

It's free and works with system 7 and 8.

2. Use it to zip your user notes file.

3. Once the User notes file is zipped, you can move it to your Windows directory and, from there, you can move it to your Mac.


(Note: this next step was necessary for me, but might not be for you... it was the only way I could get the note file to be read)

4. Create a User Note in Accordance on your Mac with the same name as the User Note you've moved from your PC.

5. Exit Accordance

6. Unzip the User Note file from your PC and replace the note you just created in step 4 with your unzipped note from the PC.

7. Open Accordance and open the User Note. It should open just fine.



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Thank you, but the latter steps are not necessary. You can simply use Accordance to find and open the transferred User Notes and they will be added to the pop-up menu.

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I really appreciate your input. I'll do that as soon as I get some time on my Windows PC.


Thanks again! That is really quite helpful.

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