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Installing IVP Reference Collection


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I've just got IVP Reference Collection, but I cannot install it.


First of all, CD-ROM is always ejected with a message, "Disk initialization failed because the disk is locked." I've tried to load some CD-ROMs that I've got before such as Anchor Bible Dictionary and Scholar's Collection, but none of them is rejected, and they are appeared on the desktop. It seems that the CD-ROM of IVP that I got only has some problems. :(


Second of all, I copied all IVP files from CD-ROM to a folder on Mac; at that time, I unchecked "CD-ROM enabled" in "Basilisk preferences" so that CD-ROM was not ejected. As a result, I could access to the CD-ROM from "My Computer" on Mac. After that, I tried to install them by "IVP installer 68k," but that didn't work at all. I got a message, "The document 'IVP installer 68k' could not be opened, because the application program that created it could not be found. Could not find a translation extension with appropriate translations." :(


Third of all, I simply tried to copy all modules of IVP to the "TOOL" folder of Accordance 6.8. It was OK to copy them, but I could not open any of them after copying. Then, I got the same message of "The document ......could not be opened, because the application......." :(


I am using Windows XP and Emulator, and Accordance version is 6.8.


Could anyone help me?

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We have had a few users on the emulator who had the same problem with this particular CD, although it works fine on our Dell (shhhh, yes we do have one, for emulator testing only).


The solution seems to be to send the modules separately on a CD. You cannot copy the files via My Computer because Windows does not recognize them, and corrupts them.


We will send you a CD with the IVP Modules on Monday if you will email me with your real name.

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