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ETHIOP = Ethiopic (Ge’ez) Old Testament (Untagged) -- word searches?


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Is it possible to search for inflected forms in this untagged text by either (1) using the 'enter words' command, or (2) by typing character strings into the search box? Are the results accurate? Searching for forms in GEZ-MH = Ethiopic (Ge’ez) Bible (Mahibere Hawaiyat Edition) module returns inaccurate results, as discussed elsewhere in the forums.


Also, I have had difficulty entering Ge'ez text via both (1) and (2) in GEZ-MH. I was using a Keyman Ge'ez keyboard on a Mac (OS 12.7.5), and I could enter the basic C-schwa glyphs, but not Ca, Cā, etc. Is there a better way to enter Ge'ez text on Accordance?

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