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Sonoma and Printing under Parallels/WINE

Dr. Nathan Parker

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It seems there's some changes with Sonoma that prevents printing under some versions of Parallels and WINE. https://www.notabene.com/forum/index.php?topic=3549.0


One of my WINE/CrossOver apps (Nota Bene) is releasing an update to work around this where it creates a PDF of your document that can then be printed.


Just to let anyone on Sonoma know about this potential issue with some apps.

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Yikes! That is not good. I use Parallels Desktop (v18) all the time on OS 13 Ventura, but Sonoma is going to be problematic for printing?! I tried to read the Nota Bene forum post, but without logging in, it is inaccessible. Can you copy/paste or give a little more detail?

I found this thread introducing the issue, but it has no responses yet: https://forum.parallels.com/threads/compatibility-advisory-parallels-desktop-and-macos-sonoma-09-13-2023.361475/

This Oct. 31, 2023 document lists issues Parallels is aware of with Sonoma: https://kb.parallels.com/en/129752?language=en. One is


Printing from Windows doesn't work.

 Fixed in Parallels Desktop 19.

So … I think anyone using Parallels Desktop 19 should be OK. Sound right?
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Sounds like Parallels 19 did resolve it, although I don't have a copy of Parallels at the moment. If anyone else has it and wants to test it and report back, that would be great.


With Nota Bene, WINE/CrossOver direct printing is broken in Sonoma. The workaround they're adding is it'll generate a PDF of your document when you go to print it, then open the PDF in Preview or your default PDF viewer. You can then print from there as usual.


I tested a beta build of NB on both my Intel and M2 Mac, and the workaround is working perfectly until WINE/CrossOver figures out what Apple broke and how to resolve it.

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