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About Preaching & Teaching with Accordance

Dr. Nathan Parker

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Originally written by @R. Mansfield


This forum started off as a discussion venue for those who use Accordance to teach in the classroom. Thus, it was originally called "Teaching with Accordance." Of course, individuals have been using Accordance for sermon preparation and preaching since its beginnings in the early nineties; but as the user base has grown, preaching with Accordance has become a growing area of emphasis.


Paul tells us that God gave us both pastors and teachers (Eph 4:11), so it seems appropriate to add "preaching" to the title of this forum as well. Please feel free to post the same kind of topics that you've been adding, asking the same questions, and sharing your insights into how Accordance can be used for instructive purposes--whether from the classroom lectern or the sanctuary pulpit (or anything even remotely related!).

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