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Frequent Seizures & Crashes still happening, Accordance ver 14.0.8


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Hello Accordance -

I am running Accordance on a Dell XPS laptop using Windows 10. I started with Acc ver 13 last year, and have really loved it. I went with Accordance instead of Logos because of its reputation for better reliability and performance, as well as great features and resources.
However, ever since I upgraded to Acc 14 some months ago, I've been experiencing very frequent app seizures and crashes - More than just occasional and random, but FREQUENT, as in every session there are at least two or more seizures/crashes. This has become very frustrating, and has been a real impediment to bible study and sermon prep. I have really had to learn to rely on the Lord for patience, so that's an upside. I have reported this situation  a few times through the User Forum on Bug Swatters for Windows, and have downloaded each micro-upgrade (I'm now on 14.0.8); but I've not yet seen an improvement on this issue.  I know you all are very busy trying to address the many issues in Ver 14, and I understand what you're going through.  But...
Would you please be able to help us on this particular issue?
Here is some info on the seizures/crashes...
Since I started with ver 14 (maybe 14.0.4?) I've had the application either suddenly seize up (greys out, get the circle mouse prompt, and "Not Responding" at the title bar at top left, have to shut down), or sometimes just suddenly crash and disappear altogether from the screen. Then, after re-starting, before too long the same thing happens again.  The session I'm in at the time this happens is usually a Workspace with a Bible window (NKJV w/Strong's and other translations on tabs) on the left, an Info Pane in the middle, and another pane on the right with either some lexicons or the new Word Study.  And usually I'm scrolling through the Bible window with my mouse scroll wheel, or clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom of the pane. Sometimes it's also happened when I'm doing a Search in the Bible window for either Verses or Flex.
Here is some more information for incidents that happened just yesterday and earlier today...
Using Accordance ver 14.0.8
Windows ver 10 (10.0.19045)
Yesterday Wed Oct 11, 2023
Was in Workspace with Bible window (NKJV w/Strong's) & Info Pane, and Word Study window.
Was scrolling through bible window using navigation buttons at bottom of window, and the screen locked up, and a “(Not Responding)” message added to the Workspace title bar at top. I clicked the X on the top right of the screen to close it down. Then re-started the program , told it to use most recently auto-saved version.
Yesterday Wed Oct 11, 2023
Was again in Workspace with Bible window (NKJV w/Strong's) & Info Pane, and Word Study window, same as previously. Was scrolling through bible window using the mouse scroll wheel, and the program suddenly shut down and disappeared completely.
Today, Thur Oct 12, 2023
Was in this same Workspace (screenshot attached), scrolling through the bible window on the left using the mouse scroll wheel, got this error.
Also got this error log...
2023-10-12 14:43:34
Accordance has encountered an unhandled exception.
The information in this file may help us fix this problem for a future version.
You can report this error by posting this file on our forums at:
Or emailing it to support@accordancebible.com
We hope to implement automatic error reporting soon.
Accordance 14.0.8 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19045)
RAM: 10308MB free of 16235MB total
Disc: 236GB free of 463GB total
Exception Description:
EOutOfMemory: Out of memory
Exception Thread:
6708: UpdateAllInfo
Exception Backtrace:
Thanks very much for your attention on this matter.
Grace and peace,
Thomas Girotti


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Sorry to hear your problems. I was having issues, but 14.0.8 has been very stable for me on Win 11. (I see you are using Win 10, so I hope that is not the issue.)

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I would recommend emailing Tech Support on this one, but I'm also going to grab/log it. We've had a series of reports of "random crashes" on Windows. I've discussed this with our programmers today, and we plan to further examine it. As I have more details to report on these, I'll update here.

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