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Accordance Mobile for iOS 3.4.2 Released

Dr. Nathan Parker

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Accordance for iOS v3.4.2 ( has been released. Please use the Accordance iOS forums to submit feedback.



  • Refactored Accordance Account processes:
  •     - logout / keychain management
  •     - authorization / creation.
  • Images in a Tool will now be scaled down when the pane narrows instead of having the edge cut off.
  • For the 'Single Tap for Details' option, improved determination of "white space". Previously, it was difficult to find a tap point to toggle the menu bars for various RTL Texts, Interlinear, verse layout cases, etc.


Miscellaneous Display Fixes

  • Text section headings could be inserted before the wrong paragraph (e.g. Neh 1:1 LSB).
  • Display of verses with poetic style.


Tool Image Layout Fixes

  • An extra line break was inserted before an image if the pane was narrow.
  • A centered image would be left justified if image display was set to very large.
  • An image in a table would not respect center justification in some cases.


Interlinear Fixes

  • Secondary pane Text would not properly recall Interlinear settings.
  • Highlight style rendering issue when showing Interlinear.
  • Allow Arabic and perhaps other texts with Strong’s number to be added to the Interlinear text.
  • Verify that non-biblical corpuses such as Athenasius no longer appear in the Interlinear pull-down menu items.


Miscellaneous Fixes

  • An issue that prevented newly installed Texts from being available for certain Settings choices (e.g. Settings > Instant Details > Source Texts)
  • Custom URLs would not work properly with certain module names.
  • If Accordance could not find a module when tapping a Custom URL then certain module characters were garbled in the error alert.
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