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Crash Report

Rick Franks

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I opened Accordance today and an error popped up asking me to restart the program.  When I did I got the following report so I am posting it here:


2023-09-13 13:13:43

Accordance has encountered an unhandled exception.
The information in this file may help us fix this problem for a future version.

You can report this error by posting this file on our forums at:
Or emailing it to support@accordancebible.com
We hope to implement automatic error reporting soon.

Accordance 14.0.7 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19045)
RAM: 11179MB free of 16293MB total
Disc: 79GB free of 457GB total

Exception Description:
  EOutOfMemory: Out of memory
Exception Thread: 
  9020: UpdateAllInfo  
Exception Backtrace: 

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What was the last thing you were doing when you received the crash report?

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