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Phrasing Crash Daniel

Gary Raynor

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After a period of using phrasing in the Book of Daniel Accordance 14.07 crashes.

So far this it has crashed only in HMT-W4 in the Aramaic portions of the book of Daniel, and I am heavily using phrasing throughout the OT.

It appears to settle down for a while after a system reboot.


Accordance 14.0.7 (
Windows 10 Pro (10.0.22621) WRONG! IT IS WINDOWS 11 PRO 22621.2134
RAM: 10115MB free of 16305MB total
Disc: 368GB free of 465GB total

Exception Description:
  EAccessViolation: Access violation
Exception Thread: 
  15968: Main Thread
Exception Backtrace: 


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Note that this seems to happen in a text tab but not in a regular search tab.

(I am using the ESV reading plan) set to HMT-W4 for Hebrew and NA28 Greek with LSB in parallel.)

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I would love to see how you are using the phrasing tool in a 30-60 min video.  Sounds really cool.  

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I merged the posts so we can track everything in one thread (it seems the post was a duplicate).


Actually, a screencast wouldn't be a bad idea so I can see when the crashes are happening. If you also wanted to send over your Custom Phrasing file as well, that would be good too.

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The crash happens shortly after I select Daniel 5 in the ESV reading plan and move the mouse around without touching the Keyboard.




I also noticed that upon crashing my read mouse cross hairs disappear and don't respond to their keyboard shortcut (mouse utilities in Power Toys).

Daniel 5 in a normal Text Search Tab -you may notice that I am using phrasing to align the Hebrew with the minimal changes to the English....



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Thanks! I'll test this later today when I'm on my Windows PC and report back.

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I'm having issues reproducing this. Next time it happens, you could try this, or I'd recommend emailing support:



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Thanks Nathan - i have booked marked the link.

This is the first time that accordance has repeatedly crashed on me like this and in a manner that cannot easily be reproduced.




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Keep me posted how everything goes!

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