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Hi everyone,


When using Accordance, I have 10 tabs open in my workspace. When I work in the Topical Textbook tab and click on a verse reference, the program defaults to opening the verse in a "text" tab... from which there is no "add content" button.

Is there any way to change the default which will allow any link I click on from within the Topical Textbook to open in my favourite tab (which I've named "Bibles"?


Thanks for any help.




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The Text tab has a Show all checkbox which by default is on when you amplify to a new tab from a Bible text , and is off when you amplify from a tool. However, if the tab is left open it will be reused with the currents setting. There seems no need for a Context button, and there is no way to amplify from the verse reference in a tool to any other type of tab.


I hope this helps.

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