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Scrolling issues

Pastor Jonathan

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Linux Mint 21. 


Running a Virtual Machine 


Windows 10 in the VM. 


Accordance 14.5


This is the public instance of Accordance. 


I had simply the NKJV open and did a search for faith. Started scrolling fast and it crashed. 


Opened a new instance because if I asked for it to restore it would expand and I could not get to the controls to either resize, minimize or close down the box. 


Once it was opened, I did another search for faith. Scrolled quickly to see if I could duplicate it, and instead of crashing, this time it froze. 


Not sure why quick scrolling is failing. However, it stayed frozen and I had to force close Accordance to allow me to open up another instance. 

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Someone also saw this on Mac. I'll update the bug report to mention Windows as well. Thanks!

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