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Hebrew Construct Challenge

Gary Raynor

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It seems to me that Subject Verb word order has an impact on the time/aspect of the verb as opposed to just the morphology of the verb itself.

As in the DikDuk pdf Fundamental Concepts of the Classical Hebrew Verb by Alan Smith

So, I have been searching for occurrences where the subject comes before the verb.

As opposed to the subject (if any) after the verb.

Here is my Construct Search


This works but I am challenged on how to expand the NOT column and seemly no OR option in the Construct palette.



There are work arounds by highlighting and using the STYLE command.

OR adding to the LINK command in the search bar as below:


‏ ‎[LINK SubjectVerb]‏ ‎<NOT>‏ ‎<WITHIN 1 Words><FOLLOWED BY>‏  ‎[COMPLEMENT]‏ 



‏ ‎[LINK SubjectVerb]‏ ‎<NOT>‏ ‎<WITHIN 1 Words><FOLLOWED BY>‏  (‎[COMPLEMENT]‏ ‎<OR>‏ ‎[ADJUNCT]‏ ) 


(SubjectVerb is the name of the Hebrew Construct that I am building)


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I have resolved how to achieve my goal. I would like to know if there is any way to incorporate OR links in a construct so that there is no need to use multiple constructs in the search bar.


‏ ‎[LINK ComplementSubjectVerb]‏ ‎                            <OR>                            ‏ ‎[LINK AdjunctSubjectVerb]‏ 


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