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The Greek Loeb Classics


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I refer to the green volumes, which are Greek classics, not the red volumes which are Latin.  However, a few of the Latin works are also helpful, like LIvy's history of Rome (as I recall he has data on Antiochus IV Epiphanes).  These little books have many Greek works, classical, hellenistic, & some "Church Fathers," like Saint Basil Rathbone & the "Apostolic Fathers" with Greek on one page, & the English translation on facing pages.  I have found the indices useful for Bible study research.  For example, in a number of Loeb Classics, like Polybius & Diodorus Siculus, one finds references to Antiochus IV Epiphanes, whom I find in Daniel 11, references in the index to the work with volume & "verse", likely using a traditional "versification" of the work.  So if an work is in 6 traditional volumes, one might find Volume 6; 3:48, where 3 is something like a chapter & 3 is something like a verse (actually the numbers probably are derived from some early edition of the classical author, page numbers of that work & paragraph numbers from that book, something like that, a reference system subsequently adopted in later editions.)


BTW Logos has some of these for sale. Long ago, back in 2014 they were listed in the Community Pricing section, where books they don't yet have ready for electric publication, can be bid on at really cheap cost.  So I bid on all that were listed, mostly back in 2014. & over the years from time to time, they get an author ready & let me have it for that cheap bid price.

But I don't think they have yet gotten over half of them ready to publish.  But my bids still sit there.  But since I prefer Accordance, I wish Accordance had them, & I could then with Accordance find a huge representation of any given Greek work in the Loeb corpus.  This kind of thing (along with Perseus) brings NT lexicography to a higher level. One is not left with Danker's interpretations, but can look at a huge number of usages in context for oneself.  Particularly I should like to make searches also restricted to the time frame 100 BC to AD 200.


Thanks in advance for you consideration


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Moved this to module requests (post all book requests under module requests to ensure we file them in the right list). This is on the list for me to share with marketing, and I added your comments to it.

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