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Lookup word meaning from web fails


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From the Tools window, if a word is highlighted to lookup meaning, it fails to open any services from website when right clicking. However, it functions correctly from the English Texts window (a Bible).


To duplicate:

"Ancient Christian Devotional" open in Tools window.

Highlight one word, right click on it

Hover over Website menu item and click on service (google or any other)

Nothing happens.


Do the same from English Texts window.

Open ESV with Strong's

Highlight a word, right click on it.

Hover over Website menu item, select Google etc

Browser window opens to show word meaning.


Same problem with other open books in the Tools window, I have 5 open books, and cannot lookup any words from website option.



Windows Pro 11 v22H2

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G


Chrome Version 108.0.5359.125

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Same here.  I too am using Windows 11 Pro v22H2 along with Accordance  Although I don't think its a v14 issue seeing I had the same problem using v13.

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I think I see the problem.  Looking into it.

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