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KWIC, Wordlist Manager of BibleWorks for Accordance

Attie Bogaards

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I want to make a suggestion of the utmost importance - I think as linguist, Semitic Languages - for Accordance: The KWIC of BibleWorks.


I can assure you as linguist that the KWIC of BibleWorks is one of the most important modules which I am still using. This will lift Accordance far above Logos.


There are also other modules from BibleWorks of which I can say the same: The Wordlist Managet ets.


I will past BW's Help on KWIC and Wordlist Manager in here to explain this fantastic modules:




A Key Word in Context (KWIC)  Concordance is a listing of all the words that occur in a version shown with their immediate context. The KWIC module in BibleWorks enables you to build KWIC lists for any word or series of words in any Bible version. You can specify how many words on either side of the specified words will be shown. The word itself will be shown in red and any surrounding words that had to cross a verse boundary to meet the specified context limits will be shown in gray. A collocation table is a listing of all the words in the immediate context of the key word listed by frequency and distance from the key word. Together the KWIC list and the collocation table provide very useful tools for studying the grammatical and topical context of words.


When you click on a collocation table entry, all the verses represented by that line will be loaded into the KWIC Window. Key words will be shown in red and the collocation table words will be in blue.


Wordlist Manager

The Word List Manager (WLM) provides unique and powerful capabilities for textual analysis. ....


When you open the WLM you will see two empty List Boxes. The WLM lets you work with two different Word Lists at the same time. The two Word Lists are independent of each other, but they can be compared and combined in a variety of ways. You can create, select, compare, sort, copy, export, and manipulate each Word List separately. You can select which of the two Word Lists you want to work with by choosing a selection from the "Select Active List" group box. The list on the left is called the "Main Word List". The list on the right is the "Secondary Word List".


Some of the things that you can do with the WLM are


•         You can generate a word frequency list of all the words that occur in a Bible Version or in any range of verses in a Bible Version.

•         You can count and list all words found as a result of Search Window or GSE searches.

•         You can save a group of words from one query and plug them into another query.

•         You can compare the differences between two word lists.

•         You can perform Boolean operations of word lists from different verse ranges (e.g. find all words that occur in John that do not occur anywhere else in the New Testament).

•         You can generate a "Lexicon" based on the words in the frequency/hits list.






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Yes! 1000x YES!

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Yes, I still use KWIC in BibleWorks. What Accordance has now that comes close is the INFER command.

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