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Accordance 14 Weekly Updates


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With all the problems logged thus far with the recent Accordance 14 roll-out, and with only one update, would it be too much to ask Accordance to provide at least one weekly update, let's say on Monday, to help alleviate the problems, one step at a time, until a degree of normalcy is reached? Accordance 14.0.2 was good, but it just plainly is not enough.

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It is a good thought but it may be hard to do so as some things may require more than a week to work on it.


It also seems, based on a topic posted, they seem to be very busy and I would want them to take a little longer than needed to roll out a fix. 


I am, personally, happy with a steady rollout that may take a little longer than forced quick ones, as long as we do see the work.


This is just my .02 and maybe someone smarter will speak up better than I am able.

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