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User Tool WILL NOT Update When A Web Browser As A Second Zone Is Present (v14.0.2)


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I recently stumbled across with what appears to be yet another bug in v14.0.2.  I was attempting to add a user tool alongside my bible text in leu of using a user note. I got this idea from someone in another post who recommended using a user tool rather than a user note for note taking.  Me being the curious type figured I should give this a try.  Unfortunatley, Accordance froze up on me, which resulted in me having to force close the program.  Thinking this might be a random event I decided to open up another workspace, yet one without a web brower present.  Nope, Accordance had no problem updating the user tool.  I decided to give it another go with the previous workspace; the one that initally froze up on me the first time around.  To my dismay the program froze up again and I had no choice by to force close the program.  I'm not sure if this is a v14.0.4 bug or if previous versions have the same problem or not.  I suspect the problem lies with version 14.



Screenshot 2022-12-04 234415 Second Zone.jpg

Screenshot 2022-12-04 225500 Frozen.jpg

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