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14.02 Phrasing issues


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Phrasing is MUCH improved with this version, it's much closer to being functional.


Phrasing now appears to work even when adding parallel versions. Phrasing options are no longer greyed out in the toolbar menu.


Quirks I'm seeing in early use.


The cursor is not good at staying in place when phrasing. For instance if I click the cursor before a word, and shift-tab, the phrasing indents, but now the cursor is one letter to the right of where it's supposed to be, no longer in front of the word, but after the first letter of the word. But this behavior is inconsistent, sometimes the cursor jumps, sometimes it doesn't.


While Phrasing delete option worked initially (when highlighting a selection of text and then selecting Delete Phrase), it is not consistent either. In one version (ESV Strongs) it deleted all phrasing, but now I'm in NA28 and it's not deleting anything.



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Again, this is a gentle nudge. It would greatly help if the Help File for Accordance 14 were available, so I could know if the software is doing what it's supposed to or not.


This was not clear to me at first, but I'm just verifying... It does not matter if the cursor is before the word or IN the word, when you shift-tab or shift-enter, the phrasing will automatically perform the desired function before the word. Is that correct?


If so, that was not immediately obvious nor intuitive (used to working in Word), BUT it appears to me to be a good feature. It makes it less important to get the cursor in the exact location it needs to be.



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The options for "Hide Phrasing" "Show Phrasing" have other consequences than might be expected. In NA28, if you are in 1 John 4:7-10 there is a section of Scripture that has indented areas (as published). Toggling hide phrasing will mess up the indentation of this portion of text even though the indenting is not related to any user phrasing, but is a function of the published text. 


It's not immediately clear if that is the intended effect of this option, but I would not have expected hide phrasing to alter the original text, only user added phrasing.

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