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Text Pane Display drop-downs all revert to their first value

Sam Freney

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This has been reported before with red text. But it seems that *every* drop-down in the text pane reverts to the first value and doesn't save any selections.


If you touch it, you broke it.


So fonts are crazy - Hebrew is impossible if you have a font installed that is alphabetically before 'Accordance'. 'Show as' reverts always to 'Paragraph' mode. Colors go to a weird red custom colour. Background colour, if you touch it, goes nuts with a black background.


And after doing a bunch of phrasing, which was working fine, that's not defaulting to not displaying either. (It's still saved as a pref file, but doesn't show up in the text.)

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Here's a shot of each parallel text when I tried changing the font to something else. All of them reverted to "Academy Engraved LET" which is first in the list of fonts. Cannot be altered.


Similar problems exist if you try touching any other dropdown.

Screenshot 2022-11-27 at 11.19.26 am.png

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