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Accordance 14.0.0 and iOS 3.3.1 Synch with Mobile Device and library organizing woes

Michael J. Bolesta

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I continue to be unable to synch my iPhone with my MacBook Pro. I had hoped Accordance 14 would resolve the issue. I think the problem may be with recent versions of the iOS app.


When I ran Synch with Mobile Device, it recognizes the presence of ESVS and NABRE. I attempted to add NRSVue and NRSVue2. It seemed to work, but when I tapped to open NRSVue, it displayed LXX1! When I tried open NABRE, the iOS app said it was not installed. Oddly, I could open ESVS.


I deleted the nonfunctional modules and used iOS Easy Install. Now the aforementioned texts are usable on my iPhone.


The other issue, is that I cannot move any of this texts into a subfolder entitled English. The edit function does not work.


The current iOS app is subpar compared to earlier versions with respect to synching with the MacOS version and being able to organize the library.


Accordance for Mac 14.0.0, [Mac OS 13.0.1 2021 16 inch MacBook Pro]

Accordance for iOS 3.3.1 (, [iOS 16.1.1 iPhone 12]

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I reverted to 13.3.4 on my Mac. I will wait for an updated iOS and more stable 14.x

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