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List of Texts for TEXT search

Eric J. Tully

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Hello All,


I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong of if I have a setting that is incorrect.  When I try to use the TEXT command, I don't get a full list of the available tagged texts.  I was watching Joel's video on the Targums Wordmap and when he demonstrates a TEXT command search, he gets a huge list of the available texts, and he chooses Targums Tagged.


I have that text, but when I start a TEXT search, I only get a short list of possible texts, and it doesn't include that one.



Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a way to add other texts to this list?  As it is, I'm unable to do a TEXT search using the Targums Wordmap in the way that he demonstrates.


Thank you,

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Here is another example.  I can do a TEXT search in Hebrew Bible (searching LXX) because LXX appears in the list. But I can't do the reverse. If I'm in LXX and I try to do a TEXT search in Hebrew Bible (Biblia Hebraica), that text doesn't appear in the list of possibilities.

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