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Edit search bar problem


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Hi, in church this morning i wanted to prepare the readings in search and ran into a problem and wondered if im doing something wrong


from my lectionary i pasted in Jeremiah 23.1-6 Psalm 46 Colossians 1.11-20 Luke 23.33-43 and wanted to edit it to put in the semi colon seperators before running the search but could only do the last one and could not find a way to scroll through to the earlier ones. Is there a way?


In the end i re-pasted the readings from my lectionary into notes, edited it in notes with the semi-colons and then recopied the corrected list into accordance which is fine but just wondered if there was a way to edit it all within the accordance search bar?



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@ukfraserTap and hold on the cursor, and you’ll be able to drag it to parts of the text field that are off-screen. The text will scroll.

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