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Assemble Dissertation in Mellel

Nathan Parker

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I’ll definitely be assembling my dissertation in Mellel. I tried using Word even using the school’s template, and it was a massive headache just a few pages in. I already have most of the front matter done in Mellel. I’m only experiencing one formatting issue I’ll either need to correct or resolve post-production, whereas with Word I had nothing but headaches right off the start.


The amount of time I invest in refreshing myself in Mellel and assembling in Mellel would still be less and pay off actual results than the amount of time I’d spend getting frustrated with Word.

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Dissertation assembly is going well in Mellel. I’ve only had a couple minor questions/issues surface. Mellel support has been great, plus I now have access to their forums if I need it.


The more I use Mellel to assemble my dissertation, the more I’m glad I’m using it over Word. Even with the learning/tweaks I need to make along the way, I can still assemble it in a fraction of the time I could in Word. @R. Mansfield has convinced me on just how solid this app is.

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