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Spirit-Filled Life Study Bible

Bobblehead Joe

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Huh. Personally, I'd like to see more Accordance modules that meet the needs of progressive/liberal students and pastors. For example...


Old Testament Library commentary volumes

New Testament Library commentary volumes

The New Interpreter's Bible (commentary)

The New Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible

Black's New Testament Commentary volumes

HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (revised and updated)

New Oxford Annotated Bible study notes


I often recommend the New Oxford Annotated Bible and the HarperCollins Bible Dictionary as the starting point for Bible study. When I'm asked if these are available digitally instead of in book form, sadly, I have to tell people "no."


We are looking into some of these.

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Just another bump for the Spirit-Filled Life Bible by Jack Hayford (Pub: Nelson).  It has been invaluable over the years.   This request seems to have fallen by the wayside!

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