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Will the iOS version of Accordance ever be useful for searching original languages?

Martin Shields

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Yes, I know that technically it is possible to do original language searches in the iOS/iPadOS version of Accordance, but it is very close to useless. Now don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate all the work that goes into making Accordance such a wonderful tool, but I find it frustrating on iOS to the extent that all I'm really using it for is reading the text.


For example, if I have a search on the desktop I can use the options from the menus to construct the search syntax something like this:


 [ADJECTIVE feminine plural] <WITHIN 3 Words> [NOUN feminine plural] 


The parameters (here "feminine" and "plural") are all defined via drop-down options when specifying the part of speech from the "Search > Enter Tag" menu option.


To do this on iOS/iPadOS it is necessary — as far as I'm aware and I'd love to be proven wrong here — to remember all the parameters available. I particularly struggle where the number is concerned — is it "1" or "first" or "1st". Generally I give up and don't bother until I have access to my desktop system.


So I'm asking if there are plans to make this functionality useful on the iOS/iPadOS versions?


If it were possible to tap on the part of speech in the search field and have it pop up all the options it would be wonderful!

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