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There have been several posts with highlight files becoming corrupted. While small files have also been corrupted (showing a deeper issue), the advice users have been given thus far has been to have small highlight files.


As mentioned on another post, my Bible is now split into four highlight files. I split the OT into the Torah, Prophets, and Writings. The reason I mention that is because as I am going through the OT I am constantly needing to flip between the Prophets and Writings files and it is pretty obnoxious. This is in part since it is just a commotion to have multiple files, but also because it is a multi-step process.


Every time I flip between Kings and Chronicles I need to:

1) open highlight

2) flip to the correct file

3) close it since it takes up too much screen space

4) highlight

5) open highlights

6) flip to the correct file

7) close it since it takes up too much screen space

8 - repeat process 100x a day.


I am thus requesting for the highlight to have a drop down that I can choose with just to clicks and cut down on a few steps


1) press highlight

2) press the correct file

3) highlight

4) press highlight

5) press the correct file

6) repeat process 100x a day


Ideally the files would not be getting corrupted, but in the meantime, this would be a helpful work around.


Thank you for considering this.




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