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How do I upgrade from free version and add a NKJV bible I purchased


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I have used the free version for two weeks now and would like to buy the starter but I do not see how to proceed from free to the paid version.  Also I am interested in purchasing the NKJV Bible but I am unsure how to add the Bible to my workspace.


I searched the videos in support and did not see a guide.


Thank you.

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Hi @iamjk. Unfortunately, I can't help you with your first question because I started using Accordance before they went to the 90-day trial model, so I'm not sure of the exact process. However, I'm sure someone will assist you with that soon.


Regarding how you can get the NKJV into Accordance:


  1. Purchase either the NKJV or the NKJV with Strong's Numbers module.
  2. From the Accordance main menu, select Utilities > Easy Install...
  3. Find your new module in the list and select the checkbox.
  4. Click Download and wait for the download to complete.
  5. When prompted to install the modules and restart, click Install.
  6. When Accordance restarts, open the Library (e.g., using the main menu command Windows > Library).
  7. Find your new module under the "TEXTS" section (it should default to the end of the list) and double-click it to open.


You can find complete instructions for using Easy Install in the help system here. And, as you learn to use Accordance, you'll discover other ways to open your text modules without having to use the Library.


Note that, if you know you'll be purchasing other English Bibles relatively soon, you may want to consider purchasing one of the English collections or the English Bible add-on instead. When purchasing a collection, you get the modules at a substantial discount over what you would pay for them individually. (And, trust me, this adds up over time. :))

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You can download the full version here: https://accordancebible.com/download-accordance/

I recommend that you uninstall the free version before trying to upgrade to the starter version over it. Some of my students have tried to do so, and limitations from the free version seem to linger.

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Thanks for the good pointers: what if the purchase does not appear in EASY INSTALL?


There have been some great sales and I purchased some items. My items are NOT appearing in easy install. The 3 MACs are using Accordance 13.1.2 and the iPhone has the latest version. I know that is going to be a long-shot that anyone might have suggestions, and I am pretty much resigned that I am going to need to wait to Monday, but hope springs eternal.
There is another issue with my IOS device -- and I do not know if this is related. FOR YEARS, my user names was Jonnaschmidt, but now my username is my email. The IOS devices has the old user name, and will not let me use my current username and password.
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Thanks to anyone who has read my comments: I have verified that I have 2 accordance accounts. Accordance is only letting me sign in with the "old account" -- such that I need tech support to combine everything into ONE ACCOUNT once and for all. I ordered things today with the "new" account -- and Accordance will not let me download stuff off the new account. SO, hopefully on Monday: they can combined everything -- or at least refund and then let me re-order. Whatever it takes. 

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