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Validating start up failure


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Windows 11, Accordance Version 13.3.3

1) I try to start Accordance as normal > Program opens with my last saved workspace, but there are not texts

2) Meanwhile, a box is open indicating that it is trying to validate Accordance. This will run endlessly. "Stop" button does not work. Trying to close program does not work.

3) I need to use Task Manager to kill Accordance.

4) When I restart again, it will either work fine with last saved workspace OR it will not that it crashed last time and opens with a new single pane workspace.


So, I can work around it, but it is annoying.

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I have not experienced all of those exact issues, but recently adding a divider to My Workspaces caused crashes and it took hours to recover, building them all back one at a time. I was silly enough to try adding a divider again and same issue. Now I have a couple of Dividers in there I dare not ever do that again and will live with what exists now.


Opening Accordance after one of these crashes was like you described. I tried the Safe mode options apart from rebuilding tools and nothing worked. As mentioned, only manually rebuilding my workspaces got me through the poor experience.


Crashing has been a common experience of the platform for me. I have since removed the VPN I used and limited it to the computer on my network requiring that additional security. However, I am beginning to arrive at a conclusion ANY action related to UNC paths of a network will result in unhappy times for Accordance. I very early on noticed changing user settings to a network path caused many crashes and instead reverted them back to default and configured a backup schedule to my network server of settings etc. In the above scenario I added a workspace from a network path by accident and it took the effort described to recover.

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