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Daily Devotional Layouts

John McMinn

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I would like a script that allows me to save the layout of my columns and then each day show me the CURRENT devotional reading of the day with the same commentaries open.

Every morning I open the devotional reading, then move the column to the left, then open the Expository Bible commentary, then open the Mathew Henry commentary. Ugh. 


Tech support has suggested saving the layout but then clicking on the correct day in the left column. Yes, that is a work around. However, it requires an additional step and what eventually becomes additional scrolling when a simple script could be written to insert the correct day.


I'm certain your development team can knock this one out easily. Please notify me when one is available. I'd even be pleased with a script outside of accordance (like an html link) that could launch it all for me!


-John McMinn


Pastor of Families and Worship

Woodland Acres Baptist Church


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+1 That would be a nice feature.  

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