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Upgraded Machine

Clint Cozier

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I just migrated my Accordance app and resources to a new 14" MBP (killer machine!). Everything is great except for a dialogue box that comes up every time I launch the program stating that "Accordance was unable to validate this module online. Please enter the unlocking code for the module "Targums." I don't have a unlocking code that I know of. 

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We apologize for this inconvenience.


The programmers have added extra security to Accordance to validate and verify that modules on computers are actually in user's accounts.


Usually all you need to do is go into Easy Install and 'Refresh List’ and download any available modules and it corrects everything.  Sometimes you need to Log out and then Log back in to reconnect your Accordance to our servers.


There are a few modules that can only be corrected with the unlocking codes. If after taking these steps, you still have error messages popping up, please let us know which ones they are so that we can help.


There is also new security in the 3 latest macOS systems which will prevent Accordance from contacting our servers unless you give Accordance permission in System Preferences:


Have you adjusted these settings in System Preferences in Monterey yet? This is required in Monterey, Big Sur and Catalina so that Accordance can function normally. 


Open System Preferences on macOS to 'Security & Privacy’. 


On the ‘Privacy' Tab, scroll down until you see 'Full Disk Access' in the left hand column. Select Full Disk Access and then put a check next to Accordance. 


You will need to do this with ‘Accessibility' also. 


If Accordance is not in the box on the right side, you can add it with the + button underneath the window and then navigate to Applications > Accordance and then select ‘Open’. Now you can put in the checkmark. 


You will need to open the padlock in order to make changes.

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