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Louis Second 21

Michel Nadeau

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In both the French Louis Second 1910 and Louis Second 21

The Book title and reference should be spelled Genèse




Genése 1:1 ¶ Au commencement, Dieu créa le ciel et la terre.


Same thing for Habakuk

The Book title and reference is spelled wrongly

Habacuc 3:1 ¶ Prière d’Habakuk, le prophète. Sur le mode des complaintes.


Thank You

Michel Nadeau


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Hi @Michel Nadeau,

I think reporting this here works ok, especially since it is concerning two different Bibles.


However, I sort of think the correction people and tech people are two different group. (I might be wrong).


Either way, just so you  know for the future, if you highlight the error and right click (as if you were going to copy it), near the bottom is "report a correction". If you click on it, it will bring up an email for you to describe the issue and auto-fills where in the program the problem is.


You can also email corrections@accordancebible.com


I hope this helps.


Take care,



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Thanks for the tip Kristin



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