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Instant Details - Hebrew Bible - Meaning of Information

Daniel Gordan

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Greetings to the participants. Chances are there was a question like this earlier, but I could not find the answer.


When I check the instant details using my Hebrew Bible i see:


Case #1

יִצְחָ֣ק (צחק) יִצְחָק Noun proper  Isaac (Complement)

[ESVS]  H3327  Isaac

Here (צחק) is a hypothetical root of the verb from which the word derives - do I understand correctly?   


Case #2

תֵּבַ֣ת (לל) תֵּבָה Noun comm fem sing constr  ark (Complement)

[ESVS]  H8392  ark

What is (לל)?


Case #3

עֲצֵי־ (ננ) עֵץ Noun comm masc plur constr  tree (Adjunct)

[ESVS]  H6086  wood

What is (ננ)?


Case #4

כֹּֽפֶר (כפר) כֹּפֶר־2 Noun comm masc sing abs  pitch (Complement)

[ESVS]  H3724  pitch

What is the purpose of the "2" prefix?


I appreciate your answers in advance!




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Welcome. The Accordance Help files would answer all of these questions, I believe. Yes, what is in parentheses refers to the root. If there is no Hebrew root לל is used for loan words from other languages, and ננ for not known. The numeral that follows the lexeme refers to the entry in HALOT. So, כפר־2 would be the second entry of כפר in HALOT. However, a "-0" indicates an Aramaic word.

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Thank you very much. It is possible that it is answered in help files, however I did not find anything like that. I contacted Accordance chat and they sent me here, so, they knew about your expertise :-)

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