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opinion: what are your Default Resources settings? (found in Setup Assistant)


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Just wondering what you are using as default resource settings (pic #1) - I'm a Catholic and lector every other week (main workspace is pic #2), so I use NAB Revised as the default text and the New Jerusalem Bible for the alternate text


I'd be interested in what you'd recommend for English Dictionary, Greek Lexicon, Hebrew Lexicon, Commentary, and Devotional for all-purpose, general use - thanks



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For english, i have settled on the mounce expository dictionary. The articles are useful and there are links to nidotte and nidntt-a so i can easily go to other resources. Plus i like the way the definitions are structured between the two testaments. 

i think commentaries are a very personal choice, my go to is wbc because i like the way they are structured. I did use ebc abridged before i got wbc but havent used hermenia. My suggestion is to live with those you have for a few months and find out which one you most often find yourself turning to first and then not even bothering to open others.

devotional, i like the nivac set of commentaries as it always gets me thinking about a passage in a different way and sets my mind going in totally different directions. 

(The jb was my go to for about 40 years and I even had my copy rebound because of the study notes before going digital. It was the study bible i really missed when i first moved to accordance.)

i am an anglican taking a service about twice a month and use common worship eg:

The Sixth Sunday after Trinity



Proper 12
Sunday between 24 and 30 July inclusive


Principal Service
Hosea 1.2-10
Psalm 85*
Colossians 2.6-15[16-19]
Luke 11.1-13
Genesis 18.20-32
Psalm 138
Colossians 2.6-15[16-19]
Luke 11.1-13


Third Service
Psalm 95
Song of Solomon 2 or 
1 Maccabees 2.[1-14]15-22
1 Peter 4.7-14


Second Service
Psalm 88*
Genesis 42.1-25
1 Corinthians 10.1-24
Gospel at Holy Communion: 
Matthew 13.24-30[31-43]

(or) Evening Prayer on the Eve of James
Psalm 144
Deuteronomy 30.11-20
Mark 5.21-43

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I like the CSB as my default because it puts Old Testament Refs quoted in the New Testament in Bold. I have the NET Bible as my second preference because of it's extensive notes when you click on a hyperlink superscript. It puts its OT quotations in Bold and Italic!  I also have the NRSV as my alternate because if I see a hyperlink I want to look at it a resource that's not in the CSB, I can see it. 


Spurgeon for devotional but I cycle through to "Days of Heaven on Earth"


Remember if you prioritize your resources then you can right arrow select to it and the next and the next. Then left arrow to go back, making an efficient and time-saving workflow.  






Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 6.03.13 AM.png

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