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Single, Double, and Triple-Clicking Words


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I recently got a new Mac and installed Accordance on it. I am having an issue where clicking on a word in my Bible(s) once opens up a Bible dictionary on that term. If I want the Greek/Hebrew, I have to triple click; my old Mac was double-click. Beyond that, triple clicking opens up the dictionary in a new tab instead of a parallel space. I am not good at interpreting the settings on the Mac.

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Hi Jhodg13

You can adjust all this in Accordance without adjusting anything in your mac.

The help menu has step by step tutorials that you can do over and over again and it will do it for you.

If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, go to preferences


With Accordance open, hit CMD ,   (comma) to open preferences then you will see Amplify, from there you can look under "triple click defaults" and see how you want to set it up.


You can also check  on KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS (the same menu in Preferences under Amplify) to see if you want to adjust anything.


You might want to see if "live click" is checked as well 

    when "live click" is checked, you can select the gear icon next to it, and it opens the live click settings that you can adjust as well. 


I'm sure there are several other ways to customize it to your preference.

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