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Search results with full context, next hit problem

Ed Heckman

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I frequently perform word searches on my iPads (Mini & Pro). Lately I've been noticing that when I tap the down arrow icon (next hit), the verse with the hit would not be the top verse displayed. It would frequently be further down that page, or occasionally, off the bottom of the screen.


I recently did a search for "firstborn" on my iPad Pro in ESV. It found hits in both the Old and New Testaments. At first, it was showing all the verses containing the hits as the first verse, so I was starting to think the issue applied only to the iPad Mini. But once I reached the New Testament I started seeing the exact same effect. So this issue appears to occur only in the New Testament. So far, I've only tested this in ESV. (Note: I've already reported some tagging errors in ESV.)


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