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SALE! 17 NEW Releases (Harris & Berkouwer) + Up to 78% Theological Works, Brill & MORE!

R. Mansfield

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Get ready for 17 NEW RELEASES (Harris & Berkouwer) + Up to 78% Off Theological Works, Brill & MORE!


🆕 Harris, Introduction to Biblical Greek: Grammar$28.79
🆕 Harris, Introduction to Biblical Greek: Workbook$11.99
🆕 Harris, Introduction to Biblical Greek: Video Lectures$159.99
🆕 Berkouwer's Studies in Dogmatics (14 volumes; individual volumes 👇 also on sale)—$124.99

       • Faith and Justification

       • Faith and Sanctification

       • Faith and Perseverance

       • The Providence of God

       • General Revelation

       • The Person of Christ

       • The Work of Christ

       • The Sacraments

       • Divine Election

       • Man: The Image of God

       • Sin

       • The Return of Christ

       • Holy Scripture

       • The Church


👉🏽 Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible$39.90
👉🏽 The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek$74.40
👉🏽 Etymological Dictionary of Greek$75.00
👉🏽 Context of Scripture (4 volumes)—$209
👉🏽 UPGRADE to Context of Scripture (4 vols. from original 3 vols.)—$59.34


👉🏽 Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament (volumes 1-15)—$149
👉🏽 TDOT Volume XVI: Aramaic Dictionary$24.90
👉🏽 TDOT Volume XVII: Index$24.90
👉🏽 Theological Dictionary of NT, Complete (10 volumes)—$99.90
👉🏽 Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (one-volume abridged "Little Kittel")—$39.90
👉🏽 Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (3 volumes)—$79.90
👉🏽 The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (Fully Revised, 4 volumes)—$74.90
👉🏽 The Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism$39.90
👉🏽 The Encyclopedia of Christianity (5 volumes)—$174
👉🏽 All the People in the Bible$14.90
👉🏽 Pilch, A Cultural Handbook to the Bible$12.90
👉🏽 The Eerdmans Companion to the Bible$27.90


👉🏽 Carta’s The World’s Oldest Alphabet$49.99
👉🏽 Understanding the Alphabet of the Dead Sea Scrolls$10.99
👉🏽 Halper, Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature: An Anthology$4.99
👉🏽 Hoffman, Understanding New Testament Greek: Learning Greek for Translation and Exegesis Using Accordance Bible Software and Resources$9.95
👉🏽 SBL Handbook of Style (Second Edition)—$24.90


For more information, please see this week's sale page.

ALL special offers in this promotion are good through Monday August 1, 2022 (11:59 PM EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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Last chance to save up to 78% off theological works, Brill, new titles & MORE! Special pricing ends at midnight EDT tonight!


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