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Paste search results into Excel


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How may I paste search results into Excel so that each Bible reference is in its own cell in a column?

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You can customize the Citation format to accomplish this (at least what I think your asking). 

Go to Preferences / Citation


For Content,

Markers: <blank> <blank>

Show as: Separate Verses

Suppress poetry


For Content References,

Markers: <blank> <tab character>

     (note: you will have to copy a tab character from a text document and paste it into that second box so that it will insert a tab after the verse reference)

Show as: Before Verse


Citation Reference,

Location: No Reference



Then you just select text and Copy as Citation and then you can paste it into your spreadsheet.


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Thanks Joe,

But where do I find the data to paste into the second box of the Content Reference:Markers entry???

Do I need a "tab character" or a "return character" in  that second box?



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Daryl, sorry I didn't get back. I've been traveling.

I don't fully understand your clarifying question. When setting up the Citation format, you put a Tab character in that second box. This will give results that look like:

John 1:1<TAB>And Jesus wept.

which will copy and then paste very well into a spreadsheet.


I was just saying that when you click into that second box, you can't type a tab character, because that will just move you to the next box. You have to type a tab character in a Word or TextEdit document (or anywhere), then select and copy that tab character, and then go back and paste the character in that box.


Let me know if still confusing.

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