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two keys wit same lex


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I am having some confusion why [KEY H2042] and [KEY H2022] are different keys. If I search for [KEY H2042] I get 13 hits, but if I search for the lex of [KEY H2042] I get 559 hits, which is including both [KEY H2042] and [KEY H2022]. So are these two keys the same word?

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Hey Kristin, not sure how you are doing this "I search for the lex of [KEY H2042]"


Do you mean that you are then searching the Hebrew text for harar or har? If not, what are you trying?


The 2 keys are different words, though closely related. It will be interesting to see if you may have found an "undocumented feature" (bug) in the way that KEY searches are done.


Help me out with your process. Thanks

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Hi @Ken Simpson,

I had started with the ESV and searched for [KEY H2042]. Then from there I searched for the lex in the Hebrew and got radically different results which included multiple keys. I can attach a screenshot numbering my steps.






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Having never worked with these numbers, I'm unfamiliar with the methods displayed in your screen capture.


Searching HMT-T for הַר I find 570 hits. Searching for the Lemma I find 558 hits.


NAS Hebrew has the following note for 2042. הָרָר harar [249a]; the same as 2022,





v. sub הרר.

‏הֹר‎ n.pr.mont.
1. mt. on border of Edom, alw. הֹר הָהָר, named as stage in Isr.’s journey to Canaan; as place of Aaron’s death; = mod. Jebel Nebi Hârûn c. 50 miles S. of Dead Sea, just S. (SW.) of Petra.
2. a NE. spur of Lebanon; mod. Jebel ‘Akkar.



 ἀπὸ ὀρέων παρδάλεων.








Edited by c. stirling bartholomew
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