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Help with library bookkeeping and updating

Edward Kornkven

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I am finding that managing my Accordance library is very difficult in general. In various situations I am expected to know what version I have and how that relates to an update, what volumes I have already purchased, what collections they may have come from, etc. I have been buying resources for years and I can't remember if I bought Collection X or what was in it, or if Resource Y is the 30-volume version or the 31-volume version. The thing is, I don't understand why I have to keep track of this when Accordance already knows these details. Why do I have to choose whether I am updating version a.b or version a.c? The updater should be able to look up what I own and tell ME what I need. I should never have to remember if I once bought Collection X. When I am logged and I am browsing through titles, Accordance should tell me, "You already own version x.y of this item." Please help--this bookkeeping user unfriendliness is the weakest link of Accordance.

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