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Generating a list of how a Greek or Hebrew word is translated in version or Bible

Michael Postlethwait

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Is there a way to quickly generate the various ways in which a Greek or Hebrew word is used in a particular range and the number of times it is translated a way in a particular English translation?  For example, can I see a detailed breakdown of the Greek verb most often translated as to stand but that also has other nuanced meanings as well?

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If I understand your questions correctly, there are a couple ways of getting at this.

1) Use TEXT command

  • Open a Greek (or Hebrew) version.
  • Use the TEXT command
    • So, you mention, "stand"
    • >>  [NRSVS stand]
  • That will generate all the times "stand" appears in the NRSV with the Greek word it is translating highlighted.
  • Open the Analysis Analytics tool > this will show you all a list of all the Greek verbs and the number of times each is used.
  • The limitation here is that you can't get all the English verb forms.
    • Try using asterisks or the OR command >>
    •   [NRSVS stand*] <OR> [NRSVS stood]


2) Use Louw-Nida (for Greek)

  • Open Louw-Nida
  • Search using English Gloss for the word you want
  • This is not English version specific, nor does it provide number of hits, but it will show you the Greek words that can potentially be translated with the English word you want.
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