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Add New Combined Resources

Andrew Patterson

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I like to combine lots of resources for various reasons, and it's usually possible to do so in a moment, but some have to be manually combined every time, which is a little annoying (e.g., IVP OT Background Commentary + IVP NT Background Commentary). Others cannot be combined, but it would be very helpful (e.g., Jewish Study Bible + Jewish Annotated NT). I know Accordance has a handful of preset "Combined Resources," such as LXX + GNT28 or BHS-T + NA28-T or the NIC (NICOT + NICNT) or WBC.


Under Manage Combined Resources, there are options to "Delete", "Up", "Down", or rename the set, but not "Add". I am requesting the ability to (1) add new combined resources to the list and (2) have certain sets be the default. Thus, anytime I open NICOT, the entire NIC opens. Anytime I open IVP OT Background Commentary, the IVP NT Background Commentary opens with it. 


This would allow for further flexibility and ease of use with various resources. Additionally, it will be easier to design better, more flexible workspaces.

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Thank you so much for you comments on Combined Resources. I would like to be able to create other combinations. I too would like to link the Jewish Study Bible and the Jewish Annotated NT.


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I would like combined resources to be  strongly enough bound so they can be loaded in a tab by themselves and the combination searched.


The Greek Bible(LXX+GNT) is major tool for me and I would like to have the same facility in Hebrew


A complete modern Hebrew Bible  (there is a Modern Greek bible) would be nice


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