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Accordance Discounted Pricing


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First, we must proclaim that our online system is not broken. Even though our new system is designed differently than the old one, our customer service team has witnessed deeper discounts within our discounted pricing system than what was seen before. We believe that it may help to understand just how the current programming works.


Discounted pricing is available for our main collections, Academic Bundles, and other add on bundles. Our commentary sets are considered single or individual items, not bundles, and therefore do not have discounted pricing available. Discounted pricing is not influenced or affected by our current sales. Discounted pricing is available continuously and never changes. Coupons and discounts can be applied to the discounted pricing, but not sale prices. Our online system is programmed to provide the best price, whether that is the current sale price or the discounted pricing. The better price will be displayed when logged into an online account.


We always recommend purchasing the highest collection or bundle to start that fits within your budget. Large commentary sets are often best purchased during a special publisher sale. Please understand that we can only manually provide credit for individual volumes purchased within 90 days of a full set. Upgrade paths are offered as new volumes are added to a commentary set, so that one does not pay full price for the updated set (full, OT, or NT). Coupons and discounts can generally be applied to upgrade paths, unless they also happen to be on sale at the time.


We propose contacting our customer service team directly either via email at orders@accordancebible.com or by phone at 407-339-5855 M-F 9am to 6pm ET, if there are any questions concerning discounted pricing or upgrade paths. Our customer service reps will happily provide our customers with their best purchasing options, if it is not clear on the website.


Michele Bozzacco
Director of Customer Service
OakTree Software, Inc.
Sales: (407) 339-5855
Tech Support: (407) 339-0266

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