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Accordance Crash on Fresh Installation


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Hello @Silas Marrs


Yesterday I had installed Accordance on a Mac. This was an absolutely clean install as the Mac and the owner of the Mac never heard of Accordance before. Current OS Monterey 12.4.

After the installation Accordance brought an error about the "non access the the HD" or so. And then crashed. This happens twice until I led the person to the Security and allow full HD...


To be honest I was ashamed Accordance crashed in front of this person twice. Especially because I recommended this program. AFAIK this bug was reported years ago and is still there. Good software leads to the Security to allow the missing rights to work properly, but not Accordance. 


Unfortunately I don't have the crash reports as I didn't found the folder. 


This needs to be fixed in the next build, especially in 14.

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