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Help on Setting up worksheets again


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I spent a long time over the years setting up my worksheets for my Bible Study Teaching. I had one where I could see several different translations sorted by verse, word, etc. Then I had  another worksheet for the different Bible Studies I am involved in by Biblical Book and with the interlinear on the bottom for the books in Greek or Hebrew according to the text. My Laptop Crashed, and my Data was recovered, but I had to set up my Accordance again. But I am having trouble remembering how I set up these worksheets so long ago. I would appreciate any help and tips anyone can give me here. Thanks!

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Hi @Kathryn,

I am sorry about the computer issues you had, that sounds really stressful. There are a few things that come to my mind. First, if your data was recovered, go to your documents and look for the "Accordance Files" folder. Theoretically the workspaces should be there.


If not, and you need to start from scratch, open a new workspace and start making modifications with parallel texts and such how you would like it, then up at the top where it says "New Tab" "Library" etc, etc, one of the icons should be "Workspaces" if you click on that at the bottom of it it will say "Add Current Workspace" and it will let you save it and name it. (If you don't see that icon, right click on the taskbar and it will let you add "Workspaces" as an icon.)


I hope this addresses your question.



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