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Accordance and Windows 11

Nathan Parker

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For the foreseeable future, how important is it to run Accordance on Windows 11 vs Windows 10?


I have a Windows 10 Pro license. I'm looking at setting up a Windows VM on my Linux machine so I can run Accordance 13 on it. I still have Accordance 10 running smoothly on CrossOver, and I'm going to leave it in CrossOver for stuff that I can easily do in Accordance 10. I'm also going to test Accordance 13 with every major release of CrossOver, and if I can ever get it working smoothly, I'll drop the Windows VM. This way though I'll still have Accordance 13 with me on-the-go when away from my Mac since my Mac is an iMac Pro.


Windows 10 I can easily install using any VM technology without a hitch. I do also qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 11 if I need it.


However, the machine doesn't have a hardware TPM on it. I thought VirtualBox had a workaroud where Windows 11 could be installed without a hardware TPM, but I also thought Microsoft broke it in the final release of Windows 11 (I'm seeing conflicting info on this). I read that VirtualBox is working on a TPM passthrough mode, but it still requires a hardware TPM.


Vmware does offer a virtual TPM plus virtual secure boot, but that would require purchasing the Pro version of VMware, which I'm not sure is worth the money or not (I tried the free version of VMware on my iMac Pro once with a Windows 10 VM, and the graphics support was atrocious).  I've read there's a few other open-source VM systems with virtual TPM support, but I'm not sure which ones best play with Windows 11 hosts.


I'll probably at least start out with a Windows 10 VM short-term if I set it up, but my question is, do I need to go ahead and setup a VM with a virtual TPM and secure boot now so that it can easily be upgraded in the future to Windows 11, or should I solely focus on just getting Windows 10 running smoothly and worry about Windows 11 in the future?


The main use for the VM on this machine would be to run Accordance 13. Everything else on this machine I can either run natively on Linux or using CrossOver. Even then, if the feature/module is in Accordance 10, I'll probably just fire it up in CrossOver. But at least I'll have Accordance 13 in the VM as a backup in case I need to dip into 13. 



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