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Greek Diagrams With GNT-TR tagged


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Hi there,


Can we expect to see a tagged , geek diagram of the Textus-Receptus in the near future?


I had intended to quote from a previous post I made, but it appears the option is not available:

The original post is:





Is there any resources that could point me in this direction?


I understand I could make my own, but I am only learning the language so I could see this as being a helpful tool to learn from.




God bless


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I apologize that you weren't able to reply on the other discussion. That was a group setting that I've now fixed.


We do sell a TR that is morphologically-tagged, but honestly, I doubt that we will ever offer Greek diagrams for the TR. It would be a lot of work to create them, and the simple truth is that there's just not enough demand for works based around the TR. As I mentioned in the other discussion, you can create your own diagrams in Accordance from any text.

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Thank Kindly, Sir, Bro. Rick.


It is quite time consuming but surely will have great benefits.

I appreciate your honest response and it is understood entirely.

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BTW there are two other diagrams available:

1. https://www.inthebeginning.org

2. https://www.ntgreekguy.com


And more syntax

1. https://www.grovescenter.org/projects/westminster-hebrew-syntax/

2. Syntax of Qumran and non biblical manuscripts 

3. http://opentext.org

4. and more 



1. https://corpus.quran.com


If you wanna make your own



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