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exporting to Numbers works sporadically


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I honestly don't know if this is an Accordance "Notes" question or a Mac "Numbers" question, so I hope it is ok to ask this.


I am in the arduous process of exporting my Notes by hand, and for a host of reasons I am using Numbers. Column "A" is a random reference and Column "B" is my note. If I have 2 (or 15....) independent notes for one reference, then row 2 is a reference, row 3 is a reference, etc, etc.


Column A Row 1756 - Lk 1:4 Column B Row 1756 - Note in question

Column A Row 1757 - Lk 1:4 Column B Row 1757 - Another note in question


etc, etc.


"Sometimes" if I do a "select all" for a biblical reference (for example, ALL my notes in the Note of Lk 1:4), I just need to paste it to column B and it works fine. The first note goes to Row 1756, next to row 1757, next to 1758, etc. Then all I need to do is type "Lk 1:4" in column A for all the notes.




Sometimes that does not work, and when I do a select all in my Accordance Note and paste it to column B the Numbers program puts each word in a new column. For example,

Column A Row 1757 - Lk 1:4 Column B Row 1757 - Another Column C Row 1757 -  note Column D Row 1757 - in Column E Row 1757 - question


That is obviously not usable, and in such a case I need to go back and copy each note in the verse reference independently and insert it.


It appears beyond random when it works and when it does not and separates the words, but I assume it has something to do with the original note in Accordance and how it is formatted or something. Does anyone have any ideas what is going on and how to prevent the issue?


Thank you,




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