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Find that Greek Verse #10

Brian K. Mitchell

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The following is taken from Accordance LXX Rahlfs’ Tagged Text (module):

εἰς ὦτα ἄφρονος μηδὲν λέγε,
    μήποτε μυκτηρίσῃ τοὺς συνετοὺς λόγους σου



  1. εἰς = to / towards /into
  2. οὖς = ear
  3. ἄφρων = senseless, silly, foolish, stupid
  4. μηδείς = nil, none, absolutely, no one, not one
  5. λέγω = I say / I speak
  6. μήποτε = not ever, never , don't ever
  7. μυκτηρίζω =I sniff, make fun of, I mock
  8. ὁ = the definite article
  9. συνετός = wise, prudent
  10. λόγος = word / matter / reason
  11. σύ  = you (singular)



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ANSWER:  Proverbs 23:9

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