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Looking up a word from original language to English translation


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I imagine this is something rather basic that I am missing, but I have not discovered an efficient way to do this.


Is there an easy way, when reading the Hebrew OT or Greek NT, to do a search for a word through an English translation, like NRSV?

My current method is: look up the root in the Strong's dictionary, then do a search for one of the English translations given, find the keyed strong number in NRSV, and then do a "search for number" in that text.


I know this is too cumbersome and there must be a simpler way to do this...




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I think the easiest way to do what you're asking is to have the NRSV in a parallel tab. When you hover over a word in the HMT or GNT, the corresponding word will be highlighted in the NRSV. Then you can right-click on the highlighted word in the NRSVS and select Search For—>Key Number. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 9.08.55 AM.png

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